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Visitors and supporters of OCFA and Care Waialua 


Ikaika Anderson in the house!


   Ikaika Anderson He is running for Lt Governor.  Educating our politicians is the most important thing we can do.  They honestly just don't understand cannabis.  He gets it.  Build marijuana policy that supports our medical patients with affordable medicine and easy access to it.  Doing so helps create thousands of  cannabis-based jobs for our local community.  

     He asked me what I thought of recreational cannabis.  I said, "make sure we have a horizontal, local system in place, not a monopolized vertical system, to keep big business in check. (Cookies) Haha.

     We talked about poverty, homelessness and solutionsHe's a good human.  It's very obvious, he cares.


Lieutenant Governor Josh Green Supports Hawaii's Local Farms

On Dec. 17, 2021, Lt. Gov. Josh Green came to visit Care Waialua, Oahu's foremost medical cannabis co-op.  


   As local cannabis co-ops like Care Waialua, on the island of Oahu, continue to help their patients receive their medicine in a safe, clean and caring environment, their success is evident in their steadily growing patient base that now serves over 1,000 patients island-wide.  These patients rely on Care Waialua to provide safe and affordable medicine as an alternative to the state-run cannabis dispensary system.

    These farms put in a ton of work, money and above all, fight, to continue to make this medicine available to its community.  Unfortunately, with looming legislation already written into state statutes, the ability these co-ops have to provide for its patients is now in the hands of the same legislators that wrote these statutes.

On Friday December 17, 2021, Lt. Gov. Josh Green toured Care Waialua's facilities located on the North Shore of Oahu. He was really impressed with everything he saw and is in complete support of Oahu's farms and the mission of OCFA.org to change these dangerous statutes.  We're thrilled to have his support at OCFA.

     With the help of Lt Gov. Josh Green, our Senators, and other heads of State, we can have these statutes rewritten or stricken from the legislation altogether.  To learn more about these efforts and how you can help, visit www.OCFA.org.


State Senators, Donovan M. Dela Cruz and Michelle Kidani, toured Care Waialua Farm to better understand patient based farms. They were amazed at the compassion and professionalism they encountered at our facility.  We are humbled and grateful to now have their full support in our mission.

Patients fear losing access to medical cannabis amid push to restrict amateur grow operations

Veterans In Hawaii Battle For Reform Of Marijuana Laws 

 Hawaii Senate Panel Approves Bills To Legalize Marijuana And Increase Decriminalization Limit

Illegal searches and your rights as described by the State of Hawaii

Contact Joseph Rosenbaum at (808) 393-4643 if any agency has entered your property without a warrant.

Our Mission

We are Hawaii’s cannabis farmers that have come together with compassion and expertise to establish and protect a fair and sustainable, community-based cannabis industry.

Who’s in the OCFA? We are growers. We are Care-givers. We are experts. We are patients. We are a community on Oahu, Hawaii. We grow here.

As a non-partisan, mutual benefit, not-for-profit trade association, the mission of the Oahu Cannabis Farms Alliance is to ensure Hawaii has a viable, community-based, cannabis marketplace through marketing, education, and advocacy. We see Hawaii as a premier state for locally produced, world-class quality cannabis and related products.

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