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Advocate Membership

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$250.00 USD
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$250.00 USD

Joining OCFA as a Craft Member means your voice is being heard in establishing and maintaining a craft cannabis marketplace in Hawaii, and that you support a local grassroots nonprofit dedicated to that mission.

One year of OCFA Craft Membership includes the following benefits:

Advocate Membership Benefits – $250/year

  • Your logo on the Home page of OCFA's website

  • Invitation to join OCFA's quarterly Industry Affairs phone meetings

  • Priority is given to Advocate Members interested in participating in OCFA's workshops, and other events

  • Branding visibility opportunities provided by OCFA's online and print communications

  • Free or discounted access to OCFA's farm-to-farm networking, workshops, and other events

  • Up-to-date information about cannabis policy and legislation in Hawaii and how it can affect your business

  • Advocacy for the industry with regard to the development of local regulatory and policy affairs, such as rule-making. OCFA advocates for the industry at the state and local levels